Monday 6-7pm
Wednesday [Mitt work] 5-6pm
Thursday 630-8pm


Whether your goal is to compete, learn self-defense, lose weight and stay in great physical shape; we have something for everyone’s goal; we will work with you to improve your physical well being and mental strength. If you think that boxing only requires the upper body to throw a punch then think again; this couldn’t be further from the truth. To properly throw a punch you have to use your core, legs, hips, and arm to execute a great strike. Our boxing classes will help condition your body by improving your timing, footwork, blocking, balance, burn calories, improve upper body movement and striking effectiveness all in a challenging and fun atmosphere. Even if you never use your boxing skills in competition; just knowing how to use what you have learned in our classes to defend yourself if needed is an amazing feeling of confidence. Come check out a class today.

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